Online manual/Troubleshooter

(I'm a noob coder so I couldn't make the informations collapsible.Please use Ctrl+F to search the keyword you are looking for.Sorry for the inconvenience)

Update(August, 2022)
New Redelivery and update system ( aka How to update your bike )
You can use any redelivery terminal based on Caspervend to get the latest version of your bike now! They are pretty everywhere in SL, in case you can't find it , we have a terminal in our main store in-world.  The old updater is not working anymore.

How to change themes/paintjobs/colors:
There are multiple different method to change them in my vehicles now:
--Most of my vehicles uses built-in menu method: Click the bike, choose options->graphic->paint->select a part->next.

--Some of my vehicles uses HUD method: If your product contains a "Mechanic HUD" or "Texture HUD" in the package, use it to change themes/paintjobs/colors.
--Some of my latest vehicles uses alternative paint job menu method: Click somewhere on the bike (usually the gas tank), and you can choose themes/paintjobs/colors from menu.
About custom paintjobs:
Attention please, only a few of my old vehicles contains this feature. For more informations like 3rd-party shared paintjobs and how to repaint custom-paintjob supported bikes, please check : http://bit.ly/2vOOZGu

For customer who purchased as gift for someone
If gift receiver didn't get their gift when he's online. Tell gift receiver to send a random IM to CasperVend Resident please. This will refresh gift receiver 's online status.

LOD(Level of Details) issue aka The bike shrinks/deform when looking from far away.
Press ctrl+alt(option)+shift+D to active the Advanced menu.
Find Show Debug Settings.
Type or paste these lines and adjust value to:
RenderVolumeLODFactor = 4
RenderDynamicLOD = False
It's basically force the LOD to the highest for everything. It will not bring negative effects because LOD only means a little to modern computer's performance. Since land impact calculating is weird ,it's pointless to make different LOD for the same model, always highest LOD will be really useful to your  experience. 

Exchange Card/Exchanger (gacha prizes)
They are no copy/no modify/transferable before exchanging to prizes. And most items are copy/modify/no transferable after exchange. It's very simple to use: Rezz them to our front desk and it's done. This method allows you give away/resell no transfer items and has been well tested.
Common issue:
The animation is broken: 
1,You might assigned animation to the wrong state.Please use any capervend redelivery terminal to get a new bike from server .Or you can follow the keywords, like "Idle" is for "Idle state".
2,If you "shrink" or sit on the wrong place when driving ,you may messed up the positions of animations, It's very easy to fix in all [sau] bikes because animations are seamless and have the same axis point. Please get on the bike, click positions, Idle, use the menu get the right position, then click "Tools->Pos2All" ,it will re-sync all animations with idle's position.
The bike model is seems broken into pieces:
Sometimes when the bike change animation state from park to drive, or drive to park, some parts will looks like stay in the wrong place, this is a bug caused by lags from the region server, a simple right click on the bike will help. (This issue doesn't existed anymore or happens very rarely)
The color menu doesn't work(for most bikes that has color menu):
The color menu is for second life basic colors, it's ugly and I decide use pre-rendered textures instead of color menu. Please use graphic->paint instead. 

Decay when press and hold forward/W key:
Vehicles under second life physic engine uses decay to control the speed  so you won’t run too fast if you press and hold forward.There is a way to reduce the decay but affects the other values a lot and will makes vehicles very slow and buggy in bad network connection.It’s a compromise to use decay. But you can turn on the Turbo to make the bike smoother.If you really really want a bike without decay in ultra low speed.You can contact me and I’ll adjust for you :)

Avatar height issue:
Sometimes if you have a very tall avatar you'll have some physic issue on the bike.
To solve this issue please resize the bike bigger.And if you can't reach the handle bar and foot plate at the same time please adjust your arm length or leg length.All animations for my bikes are created with default avatar shape so I'm pretty sure you can reach them at the same time.
From HAYA II I used a new technology which can let you ignore the height issue .

How to...
Resize: Options->Advanced->Resize
Sound sets: Options->Advanced->Sounds->Select a  sound set.
Animation: Position-> Select  an animation and adjust
Change paints: Options->Graphic->paint->Select  a part->Next
Change colors: Same to change paints, the color menu on the graphic is second life basic color ,it's very ugly so I use rendered texture instead of colors.
Hide the shadow under bike: (May need update,if the bike you own doesnt updated this feature yet please contact me) Options->Hide/show

Shine changes:Opions->Graphic->Shine (Not every bike has this feature)
Controls editing: Options->Controls->Gears,Brake,Banking,Steering,Skid etc.
Rename: Options->Advanced->Rename
Change Shift Style: Options->Advanced->Shift Style
Reboot: Options->Advanced->Reboot
Automatic Transmission: Options->Automatic

Custom Paint:  please check : http://bit.ly/2vOOZGu

Paint Can/Paint system: wear the paint can or rezz the paint system near your vehicle.Click to change themes. 

Basic Controls:
-Press W/S/A/D(or arrow keys) for controlling 
-Press E/C to change gear (Changeable to shift+A/D)
-Press AS/DS at the same time in high speed to drift 
-Press WS at the same time for boosting 
-Press SC at the same time for burnout 
-Press SE at the same time for rev 
-Press EC at the same time to wheelie

For cars:
-Press Shift+A/D for drifting

Informations for adjusting bikes:

Please note
Most adjustment requires reboot to apply. You may not able to test them on the demo.
Manually restarting scripts may help in some case too. 

VelMult: Multiplier for steering power, for example ,if the steering power is 100 and VelMult is 1.1, so when you press and hold the A/D left/right button ,the steering power will be 100->110->121..... You can increase it to get the sharper steering or reduce it to make the steering smoother.
also due the second life limits ,steering has its smallest angle, so basically VelMult or steering has a limit.
Skid: This option will make the bike looks more natural when you do steering and drifting.Increase skid will makes the bike more slipping like riding on the wet road (or even ice), reduce skid will gives you reliable road holding.
Gravity: This option will simply makes the bike heavier or lighter, heavier bike has better riding experience on the ground and lighter will makes the bike can fly across the ramp. If you reduce the gravity too much the bike will floating in the air.range from 1~4.
Banking:  banking is the banking angle when you steering(turning left or right), it doesn't affects to the turning like the real life so you can adjust whatever you want.
Turbo:A multiplier for the gear.

Additional technic information(if you want to know):
My virtual motorcycles are designed to be low-lag, low GPU/memory costs: They doesn't has the features which will bring a lot of lags like couple/animations script or animated parts,their script time are all around 800~1000ms, only 7~13 1024*1024(scaled from 2048*2048 or 4096*4096)24bit  jpg textures used(will be convert to jpg2000 by SL's server) and most of visible details are rendered by a higher LOD.Most of my bikes used around 50~100k polygons  and no overlapping UVs to use the baked texture instead of SL's shader completely .

Advises for create your own tracks:
Regular prims track is still a good idea because it loads fast and have perfect physic shapes.But there are something you may want to take a look:
Path cut Ramp:If you want to build a perfect ramp, do not use path cut box,the reason is still unknown but after hundreds times of test,please avoid to use cut box on your track.
Profile cut Tube:Please avoid to use profile cut tube.The reason is unknown too.
Sculpted prim Parts: The physic shape of sculpted prim are sphere or ellipsoid,if you really,really want to use sculpt prim parts to build a track…put some transparent regular prims under it then.
Bad quality mesh Parts: Actually all original mesh roads I seen in SL works pretty good so far.Just some obvious internet free 3d models the ripper doesnt has knowledge about making physic shapes so take care.

Full version and Other versions:

Full version: just like my other bikes in store, comes with multiple themes, colors,number plates, parts, more animations(parking animations etc), second life-time supports(like you want to replace the script data with another bike). exclusive gifts.
Lite version/Gacha bikes/Event bikes: Low price(298~398 often,depends on the event), fixed theme/color/paint, basic animations, no supports, only appears in events. 
Full version bikes and the others are completely different. There's no full version for a lite version bike, or lite versions for full version bikes.

They are actually asked by customers:
Q1:I messed up my bike,what I do?
A1: Use any caspervend redelivery terminal to get a new one.

Q2:Where I can know about updates?
A2:Please join my group [sau]Motors and I will send notice when new version releases.

Q3:I heard mesh vehicles is not good for riding, Prim/Sculpt prim is better,is it true?
A3:All prim/sculpted prim/mesh has Physic shapes.It's invisible(But you can check with render metadata) and affect your riding experience. Regular prim's physic shape is itself and sculpt prim's physic shape is a ball in its scale.If somebody didn't adjust his physic shapes well ,It's true. I adjust physic shapes carefully so it's not true in [sau]products. Anyway, from 2020 I start using some new technique so even it doesn't looks have a "sled" , it still rides as good as other bikes.

Q4:Can I do custom paints?
A4:Working in progress.Mesh has customized UV so It's much harder to retexture than sculpt.
Update: I hardly provide custom paint feature anymore since I turned to the new workflow which is more professional, it's impossible to let the customer , professional or not, make their own custom paint without the source files now.

Q5: I found a bug!
A5:Please update first and see if it's fixed already.If not, please let me know.

Q6:Can I mod it?
A6:Sorry, most of my vehicles uses linked message and animated linked part for reduce script running time.If you unlink the vehicle it will mess up. 
Update: I optimize everything to the max today, a lot of unrelated parts are actually linked together or used my own script to make them functional. Even the vehicle is modifiable, there's really nothing you can do.

Q7:Do you do custom paint?
A7:Depends,Please ask me in-world with details and Ill get you back.

Q8:Does RP sims allows your bike ?Is your bike laggy?
A8:Yes, most RP sims allow my bikes. they are low land impact and not really laggy. In 2021 , the whole SL moved to AWS so the script lags is almost become history. If nobody's operating them, the script will reduce to almost zero lag after a few seconds.

Q9:I love your bikes!
A9:Thank you very much :))

Q10: I hate your bikes!
A10:Please let me know if there's something I can do for you.

Q11:You use ripped model from games or model made by others?
A11:No, absolutely not. They are all legal ,original models. I use references purchased in necessary licenses on some of my products, but I never use them directly.
Using stolen/ripped model is absolutely wrong but using legal references is absolutely normal.  20 years ago everybody uses 2d blueprints or photos, today 3D artists use CADs, 3Dscans, basemeshes to improve the workflow(or pipeline) for vehicle creations. And I stopped making any real life vehicle replicas since 2013 if I remembered correctly. If you are really a vehicle maniac , you can see the difference like some engine doesn't existed on certain bike, some car has front face from A and fancy butt from B etc. It's a common trick to avoid IP issues in game industry  today. Also it's pretty fun to create.
No I don't make a honda, a harley davidson motorcyle.All virtual "motocycles"(3DCG models and textures) and [sau](a virtual brand)—even those based on real motorcycles — are entirely fictional and poorly impersonated.Linden dollars is not a fiat currency in any country.All I sell in real life are virtual currency and service. 
Q12:Are you vandelo/somebody else?
A12:No I'm not .You see my name as creator for his furnitures because he used my mesh part contains scripts as root prim.I make full perm custom sculpts/mesh/texture/animations so I may not the real creator of stuffs you bought in-world/marketplace,please make sure.