[sau]Cyborg mesh body: Ballerina


[sau]Cyborg mesh body: Ballerina online manual:


The design concept of cyborg mesh body "Ballerina" is very simple compare to its appearance: Simple is beautiful. There is no complicated HUD or wiki for this product. All you need to learn is some very basic knowledge about link/delink object, or select a face from object.


//Modular designed           Fully Materials enabled

//Compatible with Most mesh heads on the market* 

//Multiple themes, 2 type of heads, included a BoM one

//Multiple static low LI props for decoration

How to use:

The [sau]Cyborg Body[Ballerina][Full] is the core of the product. By attaching/wearing it, you'll attach the entire body included the ballerina head, an invisible BoM body will hide your default avatar body. You can right click the body and choose "Touch" to check different themes and texture options. 

Inside the package, you can find a lot of bonus items such as different static props for decorations/photography too.


The neck connector is perfectly shaped to fit most mesh heads on the market which used standard neck shape to the default avatar.

The shoulder and elbow connector works perfectly with my other cyborg arm series products such as rocket arm.

The pelvis is Not compatible to most lower body clothes, but some different connectors are planned for next update.

The lower leg and feet can be hide to wear some of your favorite shoes or boots.

It should works perfectly with most human-type animations.


Mechanical body can have a compatibility problem to some biological body parts especially which used Deformed bones. Make sure you tried DEMO before making purchase. 

How to mod:

The whole body is modular designed and modifiable. You can remove or hide some parts easily.  But do not rename the object name such as "upperarmor" or "hand", it will break the texture changer.

If you are new to Second Life, here's how:

You can simply rez it on the ground, right click and choose "Edit",  Make sure Edit linked on edit panel is checked. Click or shift+click the parts you want to remove from body, then click Unlink button on the edit panel.

You can choose "Select Face" and click knee armor or feet armor, then go to "Texture" tab in edit panel , set "Transparency %" to "100" to hide the armor.

Technical detail:

The whole body was made from ruth avatar which is the standard for joint location/skin weight/shape data of Second Life. This will provide best compatibility in theory. Deformed bones was not used on this product.  

Future plan:

I will continuously improve its compatibility to fit more products on the market, such as different new connectors, texture sets, breast/butt/thigh sizes, these updates will be free.

On the other hand, some of my future sci-fi products will be compatible to this body too. Maybe rocket pods on the shoulder, maybe claws inside of hands ;)


[sau]GiftCard System


About our Gift Card System:

-Pay Gift Card vendor for empty Gift Card.

-Wear the Gift Card first, then pay Top-up Terminal to increase credit.

-The card is ready to use! 

-To use the Gift Card balance,

Wear the Gift Card first. 

Click the PAY button on our vendor

to link it. Then, you can use the 

'Pay with Gift Card' button 

to purchase the item.

 Attention:Do NOT open or rezz Gift Card object. 

 To use the Gift Card balance, Click the PAY button on our vendor to link it.

 Then, you can use the 'Pay with Gift Card' button to purchase the item you want.

 You can use our Gift Card top-up terminal to increase the credit inside.

 This card is a non-copyable valueable object, we recommend use up all the

 balance inside as soon as possible. If you need any help with this card.

 Please contact NiR McBride.

 The top-up terminal is located near our front desk in sau (128,128,1000) 



Physically Based Damage System


Basic concept:

HE deals higher damage than AP

AP can penetrate armors and hurt the core directly

Missiles deals huge HE damage but has long reload time

Keep update to the latest version is always recommended. (You can use any caspervend redelivery terminal to get the update)


Current PBDS enabled products:

[sau]LT-01 Light Tank 1.5.1

//Autocannon HE/AP shells 

//2 Pack guided missile, deals heavy HE damage against vehicles.

//Front/Left/Right/Turret armored , Can be destroyed.

[sau]KANZAKI[Combat] 1.0

//Small vehicle mounted guided missile, deals heavy HE damage against vehicles.

//Fast, swift, but low durability,  Can be destroyed.

[sau]TIAS Weapon station 2.0: 

//Guided indirect artillery mortars deals heavy HE damage against almost everything.

//Shoots 4 shells at once and you can even rezz more of them, however, it requires some skills to hit.

//Can be destroyed.

[SAC] RPG-7 Rocket Launcher /[SAC] SMAW Launcher

//Deals HE/AP damage

//Effectively against most vehicles. However, since it's unguided, it requires some skills to hit.

[SAC] M107A1 AMR

//Anti materiel sniper rifle deals AP damage to light armored vehicles.

//Heavy armored vehicles will requires tricky angle to deal damage effectively.


[sau]Holiday Sales 2022 Starts


>>>>>>[sau]motorcycles in-world HQ<<<<<<

Happy Happy Happy holidays :)


[sau]"NotGacha" machines

Quick instructions:

"NotGacha" is a conveyor belt system that designed to replace Gachas and follow SL's policy perfectly. It has been well tested since 2021. This is a vendor that contains no randomness, you know what you are paying for. 

By paying(pulling) this vendor, you agreed you have read this information and understand the item you are going to get clearly.

Paying (the number on the left, usually 75L$) will let you buy the current item.

Paying  (the number on the right, usually 650L$)  will let you buy 10 items that comes in a folder. (Means 10% OFF)

Each pull will give you 10 seconds to prevent others from pulling this machine.

Pulling 20 times continuously will guarantee you an extra rare item, consider it's a bonus gift.

The list will recycle automatically if nobody's playing after 1200 seconds.

Exchange terminal(Counter desk location): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/85/29/451

Link of this page: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2021/05/sauhachi-gacha.html

All of stuffs comes as exchanger. They are no copy/no modify/transferable before exchanging to prizes. And most items are copy/modify/no transferable after exchange.

It's very simple to use: Rezz them to our front desk and it's done.
This method allows you give away/resell no transfer items and has been well tested. And provide better protection for item reselling/trading.

If you open the exchanger, which it will actually tells you don't do that by the content and the script. the exchanger will be break. For that case you can send back the broken >>object<< to me ,and I'll replace a new one for you

This "NotGacha" is fair play as aways. We promise there is no cheating. All normal items and rare items has the same chance to get.


この[exchanger]というのは、交換用のチケットのことです。交換する前はtrans可で交換後はcopy可・trans不可になります。このexchangerを開けずに、http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/85/29/451 のフロントデスクの近くにREZしたら賞品に交換できます。もし開けてしまいましたら、壊れたオブジェクトを私(NiR McBride)に送ってください、新品を交換いたします。

[sau]HQ : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/128/128/1000

Emergency mail address: NiR-illusion@hotmail.com  


[sau]Zombie Jammer


[sau]Zombie Jammer @ACCESS

ACCESS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ACCESS/179/146/2001

//Summon AI driven, Smart pathfinding zombies you never seen in SL before

//Shootable, supports headshot, random health point

//Zombies will chase and attack nearby avatars but ignores Jammer owner

//Zombies only deal damage to avatar who attached survivor meter, and you can instantly kills them in one click.

//Animated summon/kill effect

//Lots of fun with friends

//Provide a good reason to use your weapons

Join our discord! https://discord.gg/xbaWHdzUvR

[sau]HQ : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/128/128/1000




[sau]Courage @Uber Hometown 

Location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uber2/105/47/23

Details: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2021/03/saucourage.html

[sau]Courage is a heavily modified muscle car that inspired by the real life story of "The Ghost Car", which was used to deliver the supplies to the civilian in Bosnian war. Salute to the war hero who doesn't even carry a gun. 


Please note the [sau]Courage is more like an alternative fiction version than direct replica.It has complete different details on the steering wheel position, bumper, wheels, interior...even the rubber duck to "The Ghost Car" and the car based on.


-8 Photo realistic paintjobs, included dirt&snow version, after war version for your Roleplay and photographing. Can be changed with [sau]Mechanic HUD

-Only 19 Land impact

-Materials enabled.
-Full seamless custom made bento animation.
-custom made sound set.
-Physic shell,Low-lag,Low-graphic ram usage,High quality

-Camera settings

-Lifetime updates 


-Resizable and all animation positions are adjustable. 


-Passenger seat script.
-Bonus items:  Garage kit vol.1, Short Combat boots, Pickup truck, Gas pump
-Built-in redirect script

The [sau] Guarantee: No illegal model used.You get 100% legal,original stuff !

Online Manual,Troubleshooter and FAQ:

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/sau/128/128/0
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/17260
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149739560@N05/

Flickr group pool: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2172327@N24/pool/
Blogger manager: JamaicasianBaby Resident

[sau]Online troubleshooters/FAQ: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2012/12/saufaq.html
[sau]New releases: http://www.nirmcbride.com/2018/04/new-releases.html